What to Expect in Your Skin Analysis Session

 Your skin analysis can be a one-on-one session with Nancy, or a party with 2, 3, or more of your friends! It’s exciting to see the transformation that you and your friends will experience! And, you will have fun doing it…together!

 You should know that since Nancy will be looking through the surface layer of your skin with SAM, you will need to remove your makeup before the analysis, or come without.

 Following your analysis, Nancy will present you with a recommended regimen designed specifically for you. It will address any identified problem areas and enhance the natural beauty of your skin. You will be able to sample exceptional products targeted to your individual needs, and will have the opportunity to purchase them at the completion of your session.

 Your SAM session is all about a more beautiful and confident you. Call for your skin analysis appointment today!

To schedule a skin analysis contact Nancy.

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